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Thursday 20 September 2012


Crab apple is a term used for several species of Malus in the family Rosaceae, which are characterised by small sour fruit resembling familiar table apples (Malus domestica). They are usually small trees or shrubs. The plants are grown primarily as ornamentals, although a few growers produce the fruit commercially. The fruit is preserved or pickled or it is used in making jellies. Most crab apples are grown for their ornamental value, and cultivars are chosen because of their beautiful flowers, foliage, or fruit.

The flower is similar to that of the apple. Bees freely visit the flowers, for both nectar and pollen. Like the apple, the crab apple appears to require cross-pollination between cultivars by insects. Self-pollination is impossible and pollinating insects are absolutely needed. Considering that the only difference between the crab apple and the apple is fruit size, it seems reasonable that the most effective pollinator of apples, the honey bee, should be equally effective on the crab apple.
Crab apple species freely hybridise among themselves and with domestic apples. They produce copious and highly fertile pollen, thus are used as pollenisers in apple orchards. Varieties of crabapple are selected to bloom contemporaneously with the apple variety in an orchard planting, and the crabs are planted every sixth or seventh tree, or limbs of crab are grafted onto some of the apple trees. In emergencies a bucket or drum bouquet of crab apple blossoms are placed near the beehives as orchard pollenisers.

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  1. Wonderful blooms!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a fabulous week****

  2. Finally, my new computer is enabling me to leave comments here. Gorgeous shot, as usual, Nick! Thanks for hosting this interesting, informative and beautiful collection.

  3. Great picture!!
    My crab apple tree features small apples right now:)
    Coming weekend, we welcome autumn with all it's glorious colours.

  4. I love all fruit tree blooms, and these are so lovely.....great shot

  5. Amazing colors from this blossoms. Fantastic !

  6. Crabapples are a favourite of mine too. I had several growing at one time in my gardening years to enjoy, just like yours. It's beautiful!

  7. Beautiful blooms. Fruit tree flowers are so special!

  8. Lovely crab-apple-photo. Have a really nice weekend.

  9. Interesting!!! Lovely photo. Have a nice weekend/Gela

  10. Glorious signs of Spring seeing your blossom, while I am sharing a very autumnal bloom.

  11. Very nice flower og Crab apple tree:)

  12. This photo of the crab apples is gorgeous. It brings out the beauty of the flowers. :-) Thanks for the link-up.


  13. what beautiful blossoms! love to see spring comming in your part of the world. we are earning the apples now :)