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Thursday 5 October 2023


The grapefruit (Citrus × aurantium f. aurantium, Syn: Citrus × paradisi) is a subtropical citrus tree known for its relatively large, sour to semi-sweet, somewhat bitter fruit. The interior flesh is segmented and varies in colour from pale yellow to dark pink/red.

Grapefruit is a citrus hybrid that originated in Barbados in the 18th century. It is an accidental cross between the sweet orange (C. × sinensis) and the pomelo or shaddock (C. maxima), both of which were introduced from Asia in the 17th century. It has also been called the forbidden fruit. In the past it was referred to as the pomelo, but that term is now mostly used as the common name for Citrus maxima.

In 2021, world production of grapefruits (combined with pomelos) was 9.6 million tonnes, with China contributing 54% of the total.

The evergreen grapefruit trees usually grow to around 5–6 m tall, although they may reach 13–15 m. The leaves are long (up to 15 cm), thin, glossy, and dark green. They produce 5 cm white four-petaled flowers. The fruit is yellow-orange skinned and generally an oblate spheroid in shape; it ranges in diameter from 10 to 15 cm. Its flesh is segmented and acidic, varying in colour depending on the cultivars, which include white, pink, and red pulps of varying sweetness (generally, the redder varieties are the sweetest).

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  1. THe comment link was broken but it's working now. Not sure if it's my end or yours. Anyway, I didn't know about grapefruits coming from china or their flowers. I love grapefruit, they're my favourite fruit!

  2. Fascinating grapefruit facts

  3. I've never seen the flower of a grapefruit before. So interesting! Thanks for the party.