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Thursday, 14 December 2017


Gustavia superba is an understorey tree in the Lecythidaceae family, that grows in Central and North-Western South America. Common names include membrillo, sachamango and heaven lotus. The trunk is around 5-10m high with the leaves radiating from the top (like palms).

Gustavia grows naturally abundantly, especially in secondary forests. It appreciates lots of  moisture, sun and well drained soil. It branches little until mature, and has a bunch of leaves at the top, so that it resembles a palm. Seeds are dispersed by agoutis. The leaves are a favourite food of iguanas.

The flowers have big white/pink petals and the centre is pink and yellow and a compacted rounded mass of yellow/pink anthers in the centre. The flowers have a sweet fragrance.It bears rounded pear shaped fruit cauliflorously (on the trunk). Inside the hard green shell that contain several large seeds about 4 cm in diameter. The yellowish-orange pulp is edible, is usually boiled after which it is said to resemble meat in taste. It is rich in A, B and C vitamins.

The tree is not widely known outside its native range from Ecuador to Panama and Venezuela, but has been planted in tropical botanical gardens, including in Singapore (where it is referred to as 'pungol') and in Australia.

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  1. Hope you're soon feeling better! What a stunning beauty is this flower!

  2. Amazing flower and by the sounds of it quite an unusual tree!

  3. The yellowish-orange pulp its amazing.
    Have a nice weekend! Cheers, Nicole

  4. Very beautiful flower! Groetjes Hetty

  5. Nick, heavenly indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nick that is so lovely! Love the lotus photo! Thanks for continuing this long standing link up. So many of the non-commercial blog link ups have closed. As blogging is changing we have to get together and find a way to continue as a group with the wonderful meme link ups. I am mostly at Facebook Island Rambles now but hope someone can figure out a way to put us into a group before all the link ups close. This link up has been a favorite of mine for many many years.