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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Pieris rapae, the small white, is a small- to medium-sized butterfly species of the whites-and-yellows family Pieridae. It is also known as the small cabbage white and in New Zealand, simply as white butterfly. The names "cabbage butterfly" and "cabbage white" can also refer to the large white. The butterfly can be distinguished by the white colour with small black dots on its wings. They are distinguished from the smaller size and lack of the black band at the tip of their forewings.

It is widespread and populations are found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, South America, and Great Britain. It has also been accidentally introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand. The caterpillar of this species is seen as a pest for commercial agriculture. Often referred to as the "imported cabbageworm" they are a serious pest to cabbage and other mustard family crops.

The pink rose is a nameless variety that is in our neighbour's garden and is bushy, a prolific bloomer and can become rather messy with spent flowers, requiring generous deadheading. Nevertheless, it can be quite pretty when blooming with masses of small semi-double blossoms.

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  1. Dear Nick, thanks for your warm comments. It brightens up my winter day! This cabbage butterfly is often seen in my garden too. And as I do not have cabbage in the garden I can enjoy it. Is it not odd to see the same butterfly on the other side of the globe? Groetjes Hetty

  2. Beautiful contrast the white butterfly makes on the pink roses!

  3. Dear Nick,

    these two fit so perfect together.
    Like a painting...

    Happy weekend!
    Yours Julia

  4. It's snowing outside, so roses look particularly good! Thanks for a great place to post flower photos.

  5. Heisann... beautiful, we also have such butterflies (maybe not exactly) in summertime. Greetings from me time to time....

  6. Hello Nick,
    so beautiful, we all loves roses and butterflies ♥
    I wish you a nice weekend,

  7. Wow! The white wings pop against the pretty petals.

  8. Nick, Wow! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. ... when I close my eyes, I can enjoy the smell from the roses ...
    Have a great weekend, dear Nick!

  10. Beautiful couple!" Thank you so much for hosting.