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Thursday 9 June 2016


Myosotis (from the Greek: "mouse's ear", after the leaf) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae. In the northern hemisphere they are commonly called forget-me-nots or scorpion grasses. The common name "forget-me-not" was calqued from German, Vergissmeinnicht and first used in English in AD 1398 through King Henry IV.  Similar names and variations are found in many languages. Myosotis alpestris is the state flower of Alaska. Plants of this genus are commonly confused with Chatham Islands forget-me-nots which belong to a related genus, Myosotidium.

Myosotis have pentamerous actinomorphic flowers with 5 sepals and petals. Flowers are typically 1 cm diameter (or less), flat, and blue, pink, white or yellow with yellow centres, growing on scorpioid cymes. They may be annual or perennial with alternate leaves. They typically flower in spring or soon after snow-melt in alpine eco-systems. Their root systems are generally diffuse. Their seeds are found in small, tulip-shaped pods along the stem to the flower. The pods attach to clothing when brushed against and eventually fall off, leaving the small seed within the pod to germinate elsewhere. Seeds can be collected by putting a piece of paper under the stems and shaking the seed pods and some seeds will fall out. Myosotis scorpioides is also known as scorpion grass due to the spiralling curve of its inflorescence.

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  1. Wonderful little flowers! Thank you for hosting, Nick.

  2. What a beautiful blue color.

  3. These beautiful blue flowers are welcome in every garden! Groetjes Hetty

  4. This is kind of funny -because... I had forgotten about linking here...till now:):) Have a great weekend!

  5. Vergissmeinnicht - dear Nick, i love this flower so much!!
    Thank you very much!! Have a wonderfull weekind!
    Greetings, Nicole

  6. Forget-me-nots are not such a dark blue around here. Nick, I hope my croton plant is OK for this meme today. It looks so flower-like!

  7. I love forget-me-nots! They look so cute ...
    Have a happy weekend!
    Greetings from Germany ... Frauke

  8. Nick, thank you so much for a new word - calque -. It rarely happens these days that I come across an unknown word: I love it!

  9. I wouldn't forget to visit your beautiful hop! Thanks for hosting. :D

  10. One of my favorite flowers, but I have never been successful at growing this beauty.

  11. Forget Me Not is a Lovely Flower with a lot of Nostalgia :)
    Thanks for hosting.
    Have a Great Weekend!

  12. Heisann.... is it my PC that don´t have access to Mr. Linky, I´m missing him here to:
    I love the flower Forget me not, same name in Norwegian, Forglem meg ei!
    Once more, have a wonderful weekend ;:OD)

  13. Lovely little flowers Nick.....
    Greetings Jen

  14. Nick, a childhood favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I wonder why they named it Forget-me-not. We have the same name in sweden. Förgät-mig-ej