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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Delphinium is a genus of about 300 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae, native throughout the Northern Hemisphere and also on the high mountains of tropical Africa. All members of the Delphinium genus are toxic to humans and livestock. The common name "larkspur" is shared between perennial Delphinium species and annual species of the genus Consolida. The name "delphinium" derives from the Latin for "dolphin", referring to the shape of the nectary.

'Blue Sensation' is a vigorous Delphinium that will rebloom up to five times after each successive flush when dead headed. Ideal in cottage gardens where it adds a dimension of height and colour. Growing to just under a metre, the strong, well branched stems of Delphinium 'Blue Sensation' are loaded with blooms through summer. Plant in a sunny location with well drained, humus rich soil and fertilise well. Delphinium 'Blue Sensation' can be enjoyed as a cut flower also. Plant Delphinium 'Blue Sensation' in moist, humus rich, well drained soil, that has well-rotted manure or compost worked into the soil prior to planting.

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  1. DELPHINIUM 'BLUE SENSATION' is sensational!

  2. Beautiful clue color! Today is thanksgiving day in the USA, so I'm off:)

  3. Love the blue colour and the sunny shot. We have winter around here.

  4. Very pretty!
    Have a great week-end!

  5. "Blue Sensation" -
    the name is perfect!!

  6. like a blue summer sky so beautiful, here it is winter ...
    Thank you for sharing, have a happy weekend

  7. I love the blue, it's so clear an shiny!
    Have a nice weekend ... Frauke

  8. Hello Nick,
    what a wonderful blue, love it!
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. It is beautiful, I have them in my garden.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. What a Gorgeous Blue Sensation!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Beautiful blue flowers!!
    Have a very nice weekend and kind regards

  12. What an amazing colour......lovely
    and it looks so sunny......
    Have a nice weekend Jen

  13. WOW!!! This is just an amazing color.
    Have a nice and happy Sunday Nick.

    xxx, isabella

  14. What a great flower. I love seeing blue flowers, they are so unique.