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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Aquilegia (common names: Granny's Bonnet or Columbine) is a genus of about 60-70 species of perennial plants in the Ranunculaceae family, that are found in meadows, woodlands, and at higher altitudes throughout the Northern Hemisphere, known for the spurred petals of their flowers.

The genus name Aquilegia is derived from the Latin word for eagle (aquila), because the shape of the flower petals, which are said to resemble an eagle's claw. The common name "columbine" comes from the Latin for "dove", due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five doves clustered together.

Columbine is a hardy perennial, which propagates by seed. It will grow to a height of 30-60 cm. It will grow in full sun; however, it prefers growing in partial shade and well drained soil, and is able to tolerate average soils and dry soil conditions. Columbine is rated at hardiness zone 3 in the USA so does not require mulching or protection in the winter.

Large numbers of hybrids are available for the garden, since the British A. vulgaris was joined by other European and North American varieties. Aquilegia species are very interfertile, and will self-sow. Some varieties are short-lived so are better treated as biennials. Several hybrid cultivars have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

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  1. It's Daffodil Day in Australia on Friday 22 August. Please donate generously to fund cancer research and to help cancer sufferers.

  2. Columbine are a favorite...leaf miner and all. Happy Daffodil Day, I will have to wait 6 months. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Lovely flower!

  4. The columbine is a very pretty flower. Lovely! Thank you for hosting. Happy FFF!

  5. Wonder if my comment got through - the colombine has one of the most delicate shapes. Have seen them in white and purple around in California, but not yet in red!

  6. Thank you so much for the info. I especially like knowing the eagle and dove roots of the names. Nice, and great photo, as usual.

  7. You've done a great shot!
    Hugs, Frauke

  8. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Greetings to you. Iris

  9. Beautiful composition, I have not joined in this meme for a long long time, lovely to be back today!

  10. Pretty picture! I bought one plant on the sale rack when it was done blooming, so I can't wait for spring to see it's flowers! I also bought some seeds. Hopefully I get to share this type of flowers next year.

  11. Columbine does exceptionally well in my garden. What I like best about them is that they send me a few "gifts" every year at random places. Every year, I look for the new comers. It's fun. You are right about them preferring a little shade. The ones in partial shade are so much taller. I like the colors of your Columbine. I should locate one next spring.

  12. columbines are always welcome. :)

    Re question of Linnea flower. Yes. probably named after Linneaus.