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Thursday 16 May 2013


Ipomoea is the largest genus in the flowering plant family Convolvulaceae, with over 500 species. Most of these are called morning glories, but this can also refer to related genera. Those formerly separated in Calonyction (Greek καλός, kalos, good and νύκτα, nycta, night) are called moonflowers. The generic name is derived from the Greek words ιπς (ips) or ιπος (ipos), meaning "worm" or "bindweed," and όμοιος (homoios), meaning "resembling". It refers to their twining habit. The genus occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, and comprises annual and perennial herbaceous plants, lianas, shrubs and small trees; most of the species are twining climbing plants.

Ipomoea nil is a species of Ipomoea morning glory known by several common names, including picotee morning glory, ivy morning glory, and Japanese morning glory. It is native to most of the tropical world, and has been introduced widely. It is cultivated as an attractive ornamental plant in many places, and the descendants of garden escapees now grow wild. This is a climbing annual herb with three-pointed leaves 3 to 8 centimeters long. The flowers are several centimeters wide and appear in various shades of blue, pink or rose, often with white stripes or edges or blends of colors. Common cultivars include 'Scarlet O'Hara', 'Early Call', and 'Rose Silk'.

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  1. If only it is not so invasive here in the hot tropics, i would have loved it because of the flower colors.

  2. So love the colour of the morning glory! En masse they are stunning! Beautiful photo!

  3. Wow - what an intense colour!

  4. Gorgeous shot, morning glories have such a vivid hue.

  5. Gorgeous picture. Such a lovely colour

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  6. Amazing shot, wonderful blossoms, love light and color!
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  7. I just love morning glories and started some from seed. They are ready for me to plant now. Your photos is gorgeous! What a beautiful color.

  8. It looks like it's glowing. So pretty.

  9. Beautiful color! We saw this flower a lot while living in Germany. Thanks for sharing!