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Thursday 2 May 2013


Epiphyllum crenatum is a species of cactus and one of the most important parents in creating the Epiphyllum-hybrids commonly cultivated throughout the world. It is cultivated for its beautiful diurnal flowers. It is found naturally from Mexico (Oaxaca & Chiapas) to Honduras. It is epiphytic (grows upon another plant) or lithophytic (grows on rocks) in moist or wet forests, sometimes in oak forests (1.750 m alt. or less).

It is an easily cultivated, fast growing epiphyte. Needs compost containing plenty of humus and sufficient moisture in summer. Should not be kept under 12°C in winter. Can be grown in semi-shade or full sun. Extra light in the early spring will stimulate budding. Flowers in late spring or early summer.

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  1. this is beautiful...i wonder if this is fragrant.

  2. Hello,
    love this cactus blossom, it's amazing!
    Wish you a nice weekend,

    Thanks for visit my blog:

  3. Beautiful flower that I've seen here (since we live only a few hours N.from Mexico)!

  4. Cactus flowers always present an intriguing shape! they fascinate me! This one is a beautiful soft colour! Delightful!

  5. I've seen such remarkable varieties of this flower in the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle, Washington, USA. Hope you get to visit sometime.