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Thursday 15 November 2012


Malva sylvestris is a species of the Mallow genus Malva in the family of Malvaceae and is considered to be the type species for the genus. Known as common mallow to English speaking Europeans, it acquired the common names of cheeses, high mallow and tall mallow (mauve des bois by the French) as it migrated from its native home in Western Europe, North Africa and Asia through the English speaking world. M. sylvestris is a vigorously healthy plant with showy flowers of bright mauve-purple, with dark veins; a handsome plant, often standing 1 metre high and growing freely in fields, hedgerows and in fallow fields.

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It is a year since I first started this blog and I wish to thank all of the people who follow it and who contribute to it each week. It is a pleasure to have you join in and to see your glorious flower photos!


  1. ... I have to show to look over and over again at a lot of joy here flowers and also yours... thanks about this idea...

  2. Love the color of those small flowers!

  3. Congrats! That first year went fast, and your blogs are very interesting and educational! These flowers look dainty and remind me of the cowl I knitted for my daughter -white and pink stripe:)

  4. I enjoyed seeing your mallow image Nix; not one I'm familiar with at all; really lovely.

  5. Almost like a mini orchid! I have not seen this flower before! Gorgeous!

  6. it's beautiful...congratulations!

  7. yipes, stripes! gorgeous shot...

  8. Congrats and good luck for more years. Your flower is beautiful:)

  9. Hi Nick! I love the delicate striping on the mallow flower. Thank you for doing this lovely meme for the past year ...I appreciate all your hard work.

  10. Very nice picture. I love the colors!

    Greetings from The Netherlands!