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Thursday 9 March 2023


Rhododendron section Vireya (vireyas) is a tropical group of Rhododendron species, numbering about 300 in all. Vireyas are native to southeastern Asia and range from Thailand to Australia. Vireya are morphologically diverse, and characterised by seeds with tailed appendages, the presence of leaf idioblasts and capsule valves which twist upon opening.

The cultivar illustrated here is "Dixie". It is a tall shrubbing plant that produces large round bursts of gold trumpet shaped flowers. These shrubs do well in large tubs, or pots as well as planted directly into the garden. They like a brightly lit position, but do need some shelter from harsh afternoon sun during the warmer months and strong winds.  Some of the larger varieties do require more shade, so always check the Plant Label that comes with yours to be sure you've found the perfect spot.

They grow fantastically well in the warmer regions of Australia and will tolerate not just cold Winters, but also warm Summers, making them a versatile and hardy plant.

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