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Thursday, 4 August 2022


Tagetes lemmonii, or Lemmon's marigold, is a North American species of shrubby marigold, in the family Asteraceae. Other English names for this plant include Copper Canyon Daisy, Mountain Marigold, and Mexican Marigold. It is native to the states of Sonora and Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico as well as southern Arizona in the United States.

Mountain marigold is a shrub sometimes reaching as much as 240 cm tall. Leaves are up to 12 cm long, pinnately compound into 3-5 leaflets, each leaflet narrowly lance-shaped with teeth along the edge. The plant produces many small flower heads in a flat-topped array, each head with 3-8 ray florets and 12-30 disc florets. It grows in woodlands, cliffs, and moist sites.

Tagetes lemmonii blooms from fall into spring and can sometimes be blooming for up to 10 months. The foliage is fragrant (or unpleasantly pungent to some people) when disturbed. The species is very drought tolerant in a Mediterranean climate and much used in California gardens where it tolerates light frosts without damage. It is common in Melbourne, with many gardens having good displays of flowers even in Winter.

Leaves and flowers can be dried and added to potpourri and scented sachets, for their scent and colour, but also for their pest repellent qualities.

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  1. They are beautiful! I like the English name Marigold! In German it doesn't sound so nice!

    Warm greetings