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Thursday, 3 May 2018


Autumn is advancing in Melbourne, but we have had relatively mild weather and not much rain. The garden is doing well and the chrysanthemums are glorious right now, just in time for Mother's Day on 13 May this year (annually observed in Australia on the second Sunday of May).

Most chrysanthemums are upright plants with lobed leaves that can be aromatic. The many showy flowerheads, carried at the tips of strong stems, begin to bloom as the days shorten. Florists chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum grandiflorum) are grouped according to form: Irregular incurved, reflexed, regular incurved, intermediate incurved, pompon, single and semi-double, anemone, spoon, quill, spider, brush or thistle, and unclassified, which is a catch-all group for blooms not yet classified or not falling into one of the existing groups. 

Florists chrysanthemums prefer a heavier richer soil in a sunny position, though they like a spot that offers some afternoon shade. The plants require training and trimming to produce their best flowers. Pinch back when young and disbud to ensure the best flower show. Propagate by division when dormant or from half-hardened summer cuttings.

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  1. Your garden looks fabulous & colourful with the chrysanthemums. You have autumn, we spring, so it goes. We celebrate in Finland The Mother's Day also the second Sunday of May. Enjoy your lovely autumn garden - happy weekend.

  2. Thanks for hosting FFF - ironic that you are deep in Autumn, which used to be my favorite season, while now I favor Spring!!!

  3. Hello Nick,
    what a wonderful garden, specially I love chrysanthemus.
    Have a nice weekend,

  4. Nick, fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your garden is absolutely stunning!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous. Such a lovely and well composed garden! You lucky one! Enjoy the colorful autumn season.
    Many thanks for hosting.