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Thursday 6 October 2016


Dianella caerulea, commonly known as the blue flax-lily, blueberry lily, or paroo lily, is a perennial herb of the family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Hemerocallidoideae, found across the eastern states of Australia and Tasmania. It is a herbaceous strappy perennial plant to a metre high, with dark green blade-like leaves to 70 cm long. Blue flowers in spring and summer are followed by indigo-coloured berries. It adapts readily to cultivation and is commonly seen in Australian gardens and amenities plantings.

Dianella caerulea is a strappy herbaceous fruit bearing plant to about 1 metre high, with a thick spreading rhizome under the ground. The bright green leaves have straight or toothed margins, and may reach 75 cm in length and 0.3-2.5 cm wide. The small (1-1.6 cm diameter) flowers bloom in spring and summer (August to January); the perianth is pale to a dark blue, or green-blue, and the anthers at the centre are yellowy brown. These are followed by small roughly spherical indigo-coloured berries which range from about 0.7 to 1.2 cm in diameter. These fruit are edible.

The plant is distributed through a range in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland. It occurs in a wide range of habitats, from coastal heathland and even sand dunes.Believed to have been first propagated in England in 1783, Dianella caerulea is commonly cultivated in gardens, and is sometimes seen as a low-hedging plant in public spaces and amenities plantings. It is very hardy and long-lived, and suitable for rockeries. It is tolerant of poor drainage and responds well to extra moisture.

Plants attract fruit-eating birds and butterflies in garden settings. The smaller denser forms in particular have potential for small gardens. Dianella caerulea is a very hardy (snow and frost hardy) and long-lived plant once established. It can tolerate damp conditions but prefers moist well drained soil. It adapts readily to cultivation.

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  1. Beautiful macro and stunning color

  2. Beautiful and special flower! Good photo!

  3. Such a special flower, Nick.
    So tiny...
    I love that picture.

    Best wishes - Julia

  4. Such a pretty little thing, and such a deep blue.
    Year in, year out you keep on coming up with new flowers.

  5. So beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend / Marika

  6. I love when you show us things like this that are completely unknown to me in the US. So cool! Thanks!

  7. You find the prettiest flowers to share with us Nick. This one is another beauty.

  8. Such a stunning color, dear Nick!
    Where do find all these beauties?
    Greetings from Germany ... Frauke

  9. Fabulous photos of this tiny wonderful blossom.
    Best, Synnöve

  10. Hello Nick,
    what a wonderful macro picture!
    Have a nice weekend,

  11. Hello Nick,
    So tiny and special flower..
    A wonderful macro.

    Have a nice weekend..

  12. Beautiful! Love the pop of yellow!

  13. Nick, amazing color. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Another fascinating flower! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Dear Nick, a plant like that should survive in Holland too. But I have never seen one in a nursery. (And I have visited many nurseries) Lovely plant with a beautiful colour. Should be great in my garden! Groetjes,

  16. Hi Nick,
    what a beautiful flower ! I haven't seen it here in Germany yet.
    I brought a view of my garden in september this time.

    Greetings from Birgit

  17. Beautiful flowers !! I love them very much !!
    Happy weekend !