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Thursday 12 May 2016


Rosa 'Friesia' (synonyms: 'Sunsprite';  'KORresia') is a rose variety developed by Reimer Kordes and introduced in 1973. The rose was derived from the cultivars 'Friedrich Wörlein' × 'Spanish Sun', and is one of the most successful floribunda roses. It was named 'Friesia' after the region Frisia (Friesland), the home of the breeder, and was one of the first roses to be given a code name (KORresia for Kordes).

Its sunny yellow blooms are large and flat with 17 to 25 waved petals, reaching an average diameter of 8 cm and have a very strong fragrance. The high-centred flowers appear solitary or in small clusters in a blooming period lasting from June to September. Their bright yellow colour hardly changes with age. The flower is not well suited as a cut flower as it has short stems and only lasts for a short period of time after cutting.

The plant has light-green, glossy leaves, forms upright, bushy shrubs with about 40 to 75 cm height and up to 60 cm width, is very disease resistant and hardy (USDA zone 6b) and can be grown on the ground or in containers. It is used as a parent rose, leading to cultivars such as Rosa 'Sun Flare' (Warriner 1981) and 'Morden Sunrise' (Davidson & Collicutt) 1991.

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  1. A rose no matter what form, color or variety is always lovely. It is amazing that the people's equating it with something goes through eternity.

  2. Eine sehr schöne gelbe Rose...
    zart und fein....
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

  3. Hiya Nick,
    Yes, such a good yellow. Mine is not out yet, but I am hoping to show it here soon.
    Thank you for hosting.

  4. A beautifully shaped Rose!

  5. Yes, I have this rose also in my garden. Are you satisfied about the rose? Groetjes Hetty

  6. I don't how it happened, but I missed last week! I would have remembered the Protea, because I made a painting of it! One of these days you'll read my story about the yellow rose:)

  7. Beautiful! We can't easily grow them here, so it's always a treat to see pictures of them.

  8. My fav flower but it is coming to the end of the season for us now and there are only a few sad little stragglers still on the bushes!

  9. It's such ab beauty you have in your garden, Nick!
    Today I have some gardenflowers too ;-)
    Happy weekend ... Frauke

  10. Hi Nick,
    really wonderful this lovely roses.
    Best, Synnöve

  11. Lovely rose.
    Have a nice weekend /Marika

  12. Great photo und a so pretty this rose. The beautiful roses I love them so much. I also use the petals for Salt, Sugar an Jam.
    Have great time.

  13. Beautiful photo! I like your rose and I hope you like my rose too. (also a yellow one).
    Best Wishes.

  14. Nick, amazing color. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I needed that sunny yellow today! It's raining in Delaware AGAIN. Thanks for hosting. :D

  16. Great photo of these beauties Nick, and thank you for the very interesting information.

  17. Heisann.... a lovely yellow rose... happy weekend ;:OD)

  18. What a lovely colour......
    Greetings Jen

  19. A beautiful rose, nicely captured! The colour brings the sun to the garden(er) even when it rains (and it's been raining all day here). I wish you a great, sunny weekend! Best wishes,

  20. The yellow Rose looks very elegant.. beautiful!
    Have a nive weekend.
    Greetings, Nicole

  21. Hello Nick,
    yellow roses are so beautiful. But my yellow tulips also!
    Have a nice weekend,

  22. Lovely shot....thanks for the information...

    Happy weekend!

  23. Wow! What a gorgeous flower. Love the color. I wish I could grow roses, but I have no luck with them.

  24. A beautiful photo, Nick !!
    What a glorious yellow, like sunbeams. Thank you for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany, Carmen