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Thursday 4 June 2015


Banksia ser. Dryandra is a series of 94 species of shrub to small tree in the plant genus Banksia. It was considered a separate genus named Dryandra until early 2007, when it was merged into Banksia on the basis of extensive molecular and morphological evidence that Banksia was paraphyletic with respect to Dryandra.

They are found only in the southwestern corner of Western Australia. They have never been popular among gardeners among the rest of Australia due to the plants' dislike of the humid and subtropical conditions which dominate the east coast. Endemic to Western Australia, Dryandra occurs virtually throughout the South West Botanic Province, and also, to a much lesser degree, in southwest parts of the Eremaean Province.

The series was named in honour of Swedish botanist Jonas C. Dryander. They are arguably among the most attractive and showy of all members of Proteaceae. Banksia ser. Dryandra species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, including the Dryandra Moth.

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  2. Very beautiful flower !!


  3. That is a beautiful and different looking flower. Thank you for telling me the name of my puffy purple flowers from last week.

  4. interesting plant. Looks like it belonged to a cactus family, but obviously not.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Thanks for hosting. Beautiful Dyandra:) Because the air is so dry here, it would not last long!

  6. I've heard of dyandra for the first time here. The flower is unique.

  7. Beautiful and: I like the leaves. Never seen before...
    Greetings from Germany

  8. Thanks for showing, a beautiful flower that i have never seen before :-)

  9. I haven't seen it before - it looks very interesting an special, dear Nick!
    Today i'm here with the last white lilac for this year ...

  10. A very different flower, and really interesting.
    Have a lovely day!

  11. That's an interesting plant. I like the leaves a lot.

  12. Hi Nick,
    I like this amazing Flower.
    Very Interesting.
    Sunny Greetings Jen

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    1. Now that's a rare flower! Thank you for introducing it to us.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. It looks very interesting an special -
    I haven't seen it before..
    Have a nice day..

  15. Very unusual and striking flower!