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Thursday, 26 February 2015


Portulaca (purslane) is the type genus of the flowering plant family Portulacaceae, comprising about 40-100 species found in the tropics and warm temperate regions. They are also known as Moss Roses. The genus includes common purslane (Portulaca oleracea), whcih is widely considered an edible plant, and in some areas an invasive type of weed.

Seen here is a hybrid, Portulaca 'Sun Jewels', which are hardy, water saving plants that require minimal attention and produce a range of iridescent warm coloured flowers from spring to autumn, peaking in summer. These are still useful additions to salads, as all parts of the plant are edible.

Plant in full sun to part shade, in containers or hanging baskets so that this vibrant mix can spill over to spread their colours. Water only when soil dries out. Grows 30cm high x 30cm wide. It is of medium frost tolerance and also is salt tolerant.

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  1. Hi! Very beautiful Photo! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a big Portulaca flower. If only they are not invasive here, they are really lovely to grow.

  3. Just a beautiful flower !

  4. Beautiful bloom for a cold February day here in the northeast. Thank you for hosting.

  5. Thanks for hosting a site that holds a lot of beauty.

  6. What a stunning color, dear Nick!

  7. Hello and good morning,
    that's a wonderful blossom! It's the best wake up on friday morning.
    Have a nice day,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  8. These beautiful colors of this flower remind me of a ripe peach :-)
    Thanks for hosting an have a nice weekend
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  9. Beautiful flower and amazing that parts of it are edible.

  10. Exquisitely done, and such interesting text, too!

  11. What a bright and lovely color in this beautiful blossom! Very well done, Nick!!

  12. Beautiful photo of this fascinating plant and its flower.