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Thursday, 2 October 2014


Pandorea pandorana, commonly known as the Wonga Wonga Vine, is a species of woody climbing vine in the family Bignoniaceae. It is found in Australia, Malaysia and the southwestern Pacific region. It forms large pointed pods filled with papery seeds. It is easy to germinate, having two-lobed dicotyledons.

It is a popular garden plant, common cultivars include the yellow-flowered P. 'Golden Showers', the white-flowered P. 'Snowbells', and the pinkish P. 'Ruby Belle'. The wood was used as in making spears for woomeras in the Central and Western deserts.

Pandorea pandorana ranges in habit from a scrambling plant to a vigorous vine, growing on larger trees in forested habitats. It has glossy green leaves arranged oppositely along the stem. The pinnate leaves are around 8–16 cm long and have 3–9 leaflets of varying widths. The juvenile leaves are finer and have serrated margins, and more finely divided into 7–13 leaflets.

Flowering occurs in spring. The tubular or funnel-shaped flowers are highly variable in colour, ranging from cream-white or all-white to maroon-throated, burgundy or even yellow-orange. Flowering is followed in summer by 3–8 cm long and 1–2 cm wide oblong-shaped seed pods, which are initially bright green before turning brown and releasing numerous papery seeds around 1-1.5 cm in diameter which are released in large quantities.

Pruning is necessary to control the quick growing plant, which can overwhelm other plants in a small garden. The plant prefers full-sun to partial shade. It has been argued that the more sun it receives, the more flowers will bloom as a result. The species may be propagated by fresh seed or semi hard wood tip cuttings.

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  1. This exotic flower have never seen before, beautiful photo!

  2. pretty bells, almost like kolkwitzia, but bigger. Is that name for real?
    It needs a nicer name for such beauty.

    1. Indeed the name is real! We have lots of strange names in Australia for all sorts fo things (and they come form indigenous languages).

  3. I don't know this flower - so pretty!

  4. A completely new plant to me. Are the flowers fragrant?

    1. Not very fragrant, Sara... They also have a short blossoming time 2-3 weeks.

  5. I'm allways learning so much about the flowers here :) Beautiful!

  6. Hello,
    what wonderful blossoms, love these plants which never you can see in Germany!
    Have a nice friday,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  7. Ein wundervolles Blumenfoto !

  8. I would love to have a flower with that name (wonga wonga) in my garden!!! It's very pretty.

  9. The name of the flower is certainly a new one to me. I can almost hear the blooms sounding like bells.