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Thursday 2 January 2014


Mandevilla is a genus of plants belonging to the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. It consists of about 100 species, mostly tropical and subtropical flowering vines. Mandevilla species are native the Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. Many originate from the Serra dos Órgãos forests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The genus was named after Henry Mandeville (1773-1861), a British diplomat and gardener.[5]

The Aloha Mandevilla series are versatile climbing plants that boast prolific flowering in the warmer months and offer a great choice of excellent flower colours. We’re also proud to say they’re bred right here in Australia. The range takes you through a voyage from the darkest red to the brightest pink and white.

Mandevilla originated in the tropical climate of Brazil, however, successive breeding with the well-mannered Dipladenia-type plants by Australians Mal Morgan and Graham Brown has seen them become adaptable to Australia’s climatic conditions. The Alohas are climbing plants but they’re not aggressive. If they aren’t given the chance to grow onto supports, they remain shrub-like and flower from top to bottom. If planting in pots or tubs, give them a frame to grow onto for best results.

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  1. Hi! I foun your place, an post for the first time! Nice flower and name! It is popular here in Norway too, but not outside in the winter!

  2. They surely look related to Morning Glories!

  3. Any idea of what the name of my last entry is? An tropical orange flower with a pointy yellow center. Thanks for checking.

  4. So wonderful, nature is the greatest artist!
    Have a nice weekend,

    Thanks if you visit my blog