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Thursday, 14 March 2013


'Iceberg' is a floribunda rose cultivar that was bred in Germany in 1958. It is also known by the names 'Korbin' (the registered cultivar name), Fée des Neiges and Schneewittchen. It is among the world's best known roses. Iceberg is a modern cluster-flowered floribunda rose cultivar. The cultivar is commercially available in two main forms. These are as a tall bush and a standard rose produced by grafting. Weeping and climbing forms are also available. Shrub forms of the cultivar have an upright habit and are 75 to 150 cm wide high and 60 cm wide. Leaves are light green and glossy. Blooms are about 5 cm in diameter and have 25 to 35 petals. Buds are long and pointed. The fragrant flowers usually appear throughout the year.

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  1. So simple and so beautiful.

  2. Very pretty rose, I like it in white!

  3. This is a new flower for me... it's got a nice name and the flower is a beauty piece in itself!

  4. What a beautiful white rose, love it ♥
    Wish you a nice weekend,

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  5. Love white roses! This kind are very common in yards of people here.

  6. Iceberg is so lovely. I had it in another garden.......

  7. This rose is so beautiful. Lovely photo.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Lovely rose, Nick. I've been looking for a new floral linky as a couple that I had been participating in had closed. Glad to have found you!

  9. I'm so missing roses. Here in Seattle, some are just starting to show leaves after spring pruning.