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Friday 10 August 2012


Alyogyne huegelii is a flowering plant found in the Southwest botanical province of Western Australia, extending along its entire coastline. A large flowered shrub, the species favours the sands of coastal shrublands and heath. The large flower, highly variable in colour, is similar to that of Hibiscus. It was previously placed in that genus, and is commonly named "Lilac Hibiscus". It is widely cultivated as a flowering plant for the garden, but the varieties and cultivars previously published are no longer formally recognised.

Alyogyne is a shrub to four metres with many alternate branches, although lower ones may be sparse. Bright green leaves are divided in three to five in outline; margins are irregular, lobate to toothed; pubescent and strongly veined lobes are coarse in shape. The flowerstalk at the leaf axil is long, tilting at the single flower.The flowers have five luminous petals up to 70 mm long, these are overlapping and have slight ridges. The colour is cream or mauve, or the lilac of the name by which it is traded.

The staminal tube structure contains numerous whorled anthers, these are yellow. The five styles of this are fused until the tip, which is composed of swollen and apparently divided stigma. This is supported on a five-lobed calyx, within an arrangement of up to 10 partly fused bracts. As with all the Malvales, the flowers last around a day – becoming deeply coloured and papery when spent. They are numerous in the long flowering period in Australia being between June and January.

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  1. I love the colour of this native hibiscus

  2. This one is beautiful! Have never seen a lavender/purple hibiscus!

  3. This is the first time I'm seeing a lilac hibiscus, they are so pretty.

  4. Such a beautiful native! I've only ever seen photos of it though. I don't think it would like the conditions over here in the northern tropics.

  5. A wonderful special Hibiskus. Beautiful photos too.
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. Beautiful flower. Linking for the first time. Have a flowerful day!

  7. Such a beautiful flower, Nick! I doubt I will be joining this week - my camera has been not much used lately, and I am fresh out of pretty flowers around here! Hopefully next week I will be back in the swing of things!

  8. Nick
    This a wonderful hibiskus features a stunning blue colour.
    Never have never seen before.
    I'll take one for my garden:)

  9. They're beautiful! Lilac hibiscus is also a first for me. Thanks for hosting Nick.

  10. Wow, you really live in an area that has so many beautiful flowers! Gorgeous purple! Thank you for hosting.

  11. Hi Nick
    What a beautiful color! Attractive flower.

  12. Splendid! I want this. Do you think they're available in SoCal? You sure hit the ball out of the park with this species; love it!

  13. Damn, that is definitely the most beautifully colored and shaped hibiscus ever! the petals look like a flamenco dancer's swirling costume!

  14. fabulous color! i wonder if it can grown here.
    somebody gave my mom a "blue" hibiscus--the bud has this color but the leaves were different.
    unfortunately, the plant died before the bud had the chance to bloom.:(

  15. Gorgeous blooms! I really enjoy learning about plants like this one.
    Happy Weekend!

  16. Hi there Nick. I'm getting back to posting my flowers on the weekend. Sorry I've been a bit slack lately and haven't posted any flowers until last week. Anyway, thanks for hosting :)

  17. What a beautiful colour Hibiscus this is.

  18. Oh my! I just love the color of those flowers! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving a heads up about your floral link up!