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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Osteospermum is a genus belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). Osteospermum used to belong to the genus Dimorphotheca, but only the annual species remain in that genus; the perennials belong to Osteospermum.

The scientific name is derived from the Greek osteon (bone) and Latin spermum (seed). It has been given several common names: African Daisy, South African Daisy, Cape Daisy and Blue-eyed Daisy. There are about 50 species, native to Africa, 35 species in southern Africa, and southwestern Arabia. They are half-hardy perennials or subshrubs. Therefore they do not survive outdoor wintry conditions, but there is still a wide range of hardiness.

Most widely sold cultivars are grown as annuals and are mainly hybrids of O. jucundum, O. ecklonis and O. grandiflorum and can be hardy to -2°C. If hardy, they can be grown as perennials or as shrubs. The photo is of a relatively newly introduced cultivar known as "Tradewinds Pure Yellow". They flower repeatedly and produce beautiful waves of colour during the growing season. This is a patented variety that was introduced in 2006 and the flowers are sterile and will not set seed.

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  1. Very pretty! Are they daisies? I am going to try to link up this weekend...probably on Sunday! I just can't figure out how to participate in everything I want to!

  2. Beautiful, love the color.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. These yellow daisies brighten up the world! Nice capture!

  4. Hello Nick
    Incredibly beautiful flower viewing.
    Wish you a nice day / evening.
    Hugs Hanne Bente /

  5. Lovely yellow daisies!!
    I have seen purple Africa daisies in our garden centres,
    but in Zone five the lovely daisies are considered as annuals.
    More info here...

  6. these are delightful! yellow flowers add cheer to any garden.

    FFF: Tiger's Tail

  7. These daisies make for great splashes of color! Thanks for all the info!

  8. Hey Nick! Love your Cape Daisies - very well-photographed(!) and also beautiful flowers at their peak :) As always, thanks for hosting.

  9. Simply beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a fabulous week****

  10. Thank you for sharing! These are beautiful! We must be on the same wavelength because I've been shooting sunflowers, too this week! Have a great weekend!

  11. Those are some of the most delightful flowers I have seen. The black centered white daisy is more popular here, though.

  12. What gorgeous little flowers and such a sunny colour too.

    Herding Cats

  13. lots of sunskine in your shot. :)

  14. Very pretty shot Nick. I agree they are such cheerful blooms. Thanks for hosting, sharing and happy weekend.

  15. Beautiful yellow daisies--I'll try to post a photo for your meme next week. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  16. Great shot of those beautiful bursts of yellow. I think daisies are probably my favorite flowers.

  17. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my pics of bougainvillea blooms here. I love your daisies - so fresh.

  18. Oh dear - Sorry Nick, as well as running late linking I made a mistake the first time so tried again. I promise to never do that again - well hopefully.
    Your flowers are beautiful. They look more like a daisy than a sunflower though, don't they.

  19. those cape daisies have made a very special photograph Nick

  20. I always love daisies, so fresh and happy!!!!
    I had a little fun with my photo today.
    thanks for hosting and I love to see all the flowers!!!

  21. Ohh I love those daisies! They are just gorgeous! Great shot too!