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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' was the first of the brilliant blue geraniums to catch gardeners' eyes. The Royal Horticultural Society gave it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). The blue of its flowers is hard to photograph and is always more startling when you actually see the plant. The flower stalks can grow quite tall and will droop under the weight of the blossoms. Most gardeners don't bother to stake them, since it is still an attractive plant, even with its floppy habit. The flowers should be cut back after the first bloom, to get sporadic repeat blooms. Often the whole plant can begin to look scraggly and a good shearing is needed to totally rejuvenate it. 'Johnson's Blue' geranium is drought tolerant. It blooms best in full sun, but appreciates some afternoon shade in hot, dry areas. It's very disease resistant and a magnet for bees and butterflies.

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  1. I like these very unusual geraniums. Very nice photo.

  2. Great shot of the beautiful geraniums, love the colour.

  3. Oh how I long for mine to be out. Your blue is fantastic.

  4. Beautiful it is :0) Have a happy New Year ! :0)

  5. Those are lovely little flowers. I'll participate in your meme soon--looks like fun. Happy New Year. Mickie:)

  6. Royal colour for the geraniums! Wish you a happy New Year!

  7. Probably your photo's color is slightly more intense or saturated than in real life, but it sure is an eye-catching photo! I don't have trouble with blue so much, but I find red flowers can be so hard to capture properly.

  8. How nice to see a beautiful flower in this grey winter time !

  9. Gorgeous image of such a pretty flower!

  10. Beautiful.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New year.

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