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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


A bouquet of Protea neriifolia x susannae "Pink Ice" for today. Protea neriifolia is part of an ancient plant family, the Proteaceae, which had already divided into two subfamilies before the break-up of the Gondwanaland continent about 140 million years ago. Both the Proteoideae and the Grevilleoideae occur mainly in the southern hemisphere. This is the hardiest of all proteas, and well suited to low maintenance, low water use gardens. These spectacular blooms are useful in floral arrangements, fresh or dried.

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  1. Thank you for your participation and your kind comments!

  2. lovely flowers! love it :)

  3. These flowers look very strong beacuase they have survived for a long time.
    Happy Australia Day, Nick.

  4. Wow...lovely flowers...wonderful picture...
    Greetings Karin

  5. They are just so beautiful! Fabulous shot.

  6. great photo of an, for me, unfamiliar flower. :)

  7. loving the proteas Nix; beautiful photograph

  8. very beautiful flowers and also very old. I wish i can join this site in the future, just saw it in Bernieh's post.

    1. I don't know why the comment field disappears as the site loads. A mystery! I am not replying to Andrea but this is the only way I can post a comment. I wanted to say I have never seen protea growing! Wonderful photograph.

  9. Beautiul colors! I love it!

  10. Beautiful capture of these colorful protea. I bought some at a local market, and was a bit disappointed in how the looked as the opened up, but such interesting flowers

  11. Do you have a button somewhere that I can use to find you more easily??

  12. Thanks for the invite....if I can remember, I'll join in someday soon.

  13. Nick is there any want that you can put the html code under the button visible for me to pick up. I don't know how to do that separately. When I copied it, the picture did not come out with the code.... just the code on my sidebar. Sorry, I am not too computer savvy. Also tried to add the photo above the code with no joy....Did not work ( for me) Thanks an let me know. LIke having the photo with the code on the sidebar so folks can see the picture and then goes right to you when the click on it., Appreciate it! Jeanne

  14. Ah, I missed this one -love the Protea - I saw it on the internet for the first time and was so taken with it, that I painted a 24 x 24 flower of it.