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Thursday 30 March 2017


Bougainvillea ‘Torch Glow,’ stands on its own amidst the many garden bougainvilleas due to its unique, upright, shrubby form. Bougainvilleas are technically lianas, tropical shrubs with reaching stems that grow into the treetops of their jungles of origin. Yet this selection was discovered in California among a group of seedlings imported from the Philippines. Ordinary plants have fast-growing stems with widely spaced leaves. The leaves of ‘Torch Glow’ are tightly packed together on their branches, which are shortened, resulting in a compact habit, a true a true shrub for the landscape, very different from the massive vines of many bougainvilleas.

At the tips of its short branches, ‘Torch Glow’ blooms in bright magenta bracts densely packed among yellow green leaves. Bracts are modified leaves evolved to lure pollinators to the nearly insignificant true flowers nestled among them. These small, white tubular blooms are pollinated by hummingbirds.

Grow ‘Torch Glow’ in full sun on well-drained, even slightly dry soil. Too much fertiliser and water can reduce the show of colour. Plant with care because it is sensitive to root disturbance. It will not transplant once in the ground. This upright form makes a fine foundation plant or a specimen focal point in the dry garden. The range of uses is almost endless.

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  1. always a joy to see this flowers. :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love this Bougainvillea! The color is gorgeous. Thanks so much for hosting Floral Friday Fotos!

  3. Had no idea there was this kind of bougainvillea. Love it!

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    Very beautiful image Nick !
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  5. Brightly beautiful blooms! Thanks for hosting.

  6. Nick, what a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The color is so pretty, Nick! Have a nice weekend.

  8. This color is so bęautiful !!
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  9. Great color! I didn't know they were lianas!
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