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Thursday 7 May 2015


Anemone hupehensis, Anemone hupehensis var. japonica, and Anemone × hybrida (commonly known as the Chinese anemone or Japanese anemone, thimbleweed, or windflower) are species of flowering herbaceous perennials in the Ranunculaceae family.

A. hupehensis is native to central China, though it has been naturalised in Japan for hundreds of years. The species was first named and described in Flora Japonica (1784), by Carl Thunberg. Thunberg had collected dried specimens while working as a doctor for the Dutch East Indies Company. In 1844, Robert Fortune brought the plant to England from China, where he found it often planted about graves.

Height is 1–1.5 m and the leaves have three leaflets. Flowers are 40–60 mm across, with 5-6 (or up to 20 in double forms) sculpted pink or white petals and prominent yellow stamens, blooming from midsummer to autumn. These plants thrive best in shady areas and under protection of larger plants. They are especially sensitive to drought or overwatering. They can be invasive or weedy in some areas, throwing out suckers from the fibrous rootstock, to rapidly colonise an area. Once established they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. On the other hand, they can take some time to become established.

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  1. I love this flower. It is called 'shuumeigiku' (秋明菊) in Japanese. The name literally means 'autumn bright chrysanthemum.'

  2. Lovely portrait! I have many of them in my garden and when they blooms, the summer is over ... and I like this time.
    Thanks for hosting (and for always visiting my blog)

  3. Not looking at the leaves, it could easily be taken for another flower:)

  4. What a beautiful flower!!

  5. Hi! Thanks for introdducing a Japanese flower.

  6. As always, I love your floral portraits. I adored last week's delphiniums, but for some reason I couldn't get my comment to post! Thanks for the link-up.

  7. Love these. The stamens are especially beautiful with angled sunlight, creating a wonderful shadow pattern on the pale petals.

  8. Beautifully composed and the colour and light are great.

  9. Beautiful and delicate flower! Great !!

  10. Glowing. In our garden we call these windflowers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a lovely Anemone!
    Thanks for hosting and for the visit :)

  12. Your anemone is lovely...
    I love them.......

  13. For me one of the most beautiful flowers ever and your image is so awesome and poetic!!