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Thursday 9 April 2015


Hatiora gaertneri is a species of epiphytic cactus which belongs to the tribe Rhipsalideae within the subfamily Cactoideae of the Cactaceae family. Together with the hybrid with H. rosea, Hatiora × graeseri, it is known as the Easter Cactus or Whitsun Cactus and is a widely cultivated ornamental plant.

H. gaertneri is found in southeastern Brazil, in Paraná and Santa Catarina, at altitudes of 350–1,300 m. As with other species of the genus, H. gaertneri grows on trees (epiphytic) or less often rocks (lithophytic) in tropical rain forests. With maturity, it develops into a branching pendant leafless shrub with a woody base. The stems are made up of segments, most of which are flattened and which are the photosynthetic organs (cladodes) of the plant. Younger segments are dullish green, 4–7 cm long and 2–2.5 cm wide, with small notches on the margins. Structures characteristic of cacti, called areoles, form in these notches.

Flowers form from areoles at the ends of the stems. These are scarlet in colour, 4–5 cm long, radially symmetrical (actinomorphic), opening to a funnel shape with a maximum diameter of about 4–7.5 cm. Red oblong fruits form after the flowers are fertilised.

The Easter Cactus is considered more difficult to grow than the Christmas or Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera). Recommendations for care include:
Temperature: Summer temperatures around 25 °C are suggested, with lower temperatures down to 7–13 °C in the winter (November to January in the Northern Hemisphere) to initiate good bud formation.
Light: As epiphytic forest plants, they are not exposed to strong sunlight. Half-shade is recommended; plants can be placed outside in the summer.
Watering: The Easter Cactus is said to respond badly to over- or under-watering, e.g. by losing stem segments; continuously moist soil is recommended.
Propagation: Stem segments may be removed in late Spring and the cut surface allowed to dry out before being placed in slightly moist soil.

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  1. Beautiful photo!
    I had one, for a long time, it was old and great, found it on the wall by an abandoned house - maybe the last inhabitants had parked it there and I have it adopted. Sometimes he died after a long happy life with me...

  2. Very pretty flowers. Wonderful red orange color.

  3. Mine did bloom too but has a different shape of petals. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The Easter cactus is beautiful.
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful blog hop.

  5. So beautiful! Love the colour!

  6. Hello, Good Morning from Japan; GORGEOUS cactus with beautiful color♡♡♡
    Thank you very much for hosting.
    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  7. How beautiful, and red flowers are especially difficult, I find. Thank you for the info, too. I grow Xmas cactuses and did not know that they prefer half shade. I will adjust accordingly.

  8. My Mom loves these cactus in this beautiful red, but also in yellow.... <3

  9. I love easter cactusrd because the blossoms are so beautiful!
    I wish you a nice weekend,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  10. This flower is such a dazzling shade of red. The petals are quite sharply shaped.

  11. I love these.My grandma used to have many of them with lots of flowers. The red color is so cheerful. Have a nice weekend.

  12. I thought the Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus was pretty, but this cactus is even prettier! The pointed petals and the intense red color make the flowers look stunning.

  13. Beautiful flower! The colour is absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Such a beautiful flower and lovely colour. Have a nice weekend/Marika

  15. Heisann!
    Mine don´t bloom for the moment... your are lovely!
    Have a nice Sunday, we start our in half an hour....

  16. Just gorgeous flowers and beautiful colors !!

  17. I don't have anything floral to share this week, but would love you to link up your lovely posies here: