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Thursday 19 September 2013


Attractive, dense ferny foliage makes Polemonium pulcherrimum 'Blue Dove' (also known as Jacob's ladder) a valuable plant for all year round interest in the garden. As an added bonus loose sprays of open bell shaped flowers in a soft shade of blue can appear from spring right through to and including autumn. Its 'lacy' appearance makes it a useful plant for softening hard lines and edges created by rocks, garden edging or paving.

Polemonium is a genus comprising of around 30 species of mostly perennial herbs which are native to regions of North and Central America, Europe and Asia. An excellent plant for general garden use and suitable for most colour schemes. 'Blue Dove' looks particularly at home in woodland type settings or in the cottage garden. It may be grown in semi shade although this may decrease flower production. This, however, is not necessarily a reason to avoid planting it in such locations as the attractive foliage alone will lend a visual appeal to these often difficult landscaping zones. To accent the foliage further create a foil of foliage behind it using larger, broader leafed plants or those with tall slender foliage such as that of Irises.

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  1. i love the subtle soft blue color, we don't have it however.

  2. I love the pretty sky blue colour. Happy weekend everyone!

  3. I painted a 36 x 36 inch oil painting titled Jacob's Ladder, and the only resemblance is that it's in a blue (an ultramarine) and white range:) These flowers are very pretty!

  4. A very pretty little flower that I remember seeing a great deal when I was young, but rarely see now - at least not in my peninsula world.

  5. these small blues brings a smile to my face - thanks!!!

  6. Great blog. You have some fantastic photos here and I appreciate the botanical info. Thanks.

  7. Hello,
    love these soft little flowers!
    Wish you a nice weekend,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  8. A beautiful photo of a flower and plant that is hard to photograph well. Yours looks so very healthy and vigorous.

  9. Oh these flowers are so pretty!