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Thursday 23 May 2013


Taraxacum officinale, the common dandelion (often simply called "dandelion"), is a flowering herbaceous perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. It can be found growing in temperate regions of the world, in lawns, on roadsides, on disturbed banks and shores of water ways, and other areas with moist soils. T. officinale is considered a weed, especially in lawns and along roadsides, but it is sometimes used as a medicinal herb and in food preparation. Common dandelion is well known for its yellow flower heads that turn into round balls of silver tufted fruits that disperse in the wind called "blowballs" or "clocks" (in both British and American English).

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  1. A beautiful flower also in close-up

  2. Such a pretty flower, but I am ruthless with them. Me and my cobra-head weeder will WIN!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Dandelions have always been my favourite.

    Herding Cats

  4. I am crazy about Dandelions. They are so bright and cheery. Lovely photo! :)

  5. Yes, such cheerful blooms and I am fascinated by the "cutouts" at the edge of each petal - marvellous!

  6. I love dandelions and your wonderful picture!
    Wish you a nice weekend,

    Thanks for visit my blog

  7. Nice capture of this beloved/abhorred spring staple, Nick. :-) Hello to you.